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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

current state of my scraproom!!!

All this has to be moved so that the cupboard can go in this area - hide the red wall at last!! This is the one spot where I can scrap right now! It isn't much, but is is functional if I restrict myself to only using what is near to hand! Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith are on the chair where the cats tend to sleep when they work their way into the mess!! My tools are on the yellow table at the moment so that I can get to them easily enough. Ah, yes, my craft books are neatly lined up next to my desk! Always look after my books, I do!!! I bought this trolley in Lidl recently as it has got my stamps and items I am currently using for the mini albums I'm busy with. It is extremely handy I can tell you! So tomorrow Tim can help moving stuff out so that the construction can start. He is having cables pulled into his room first; can't live without the TV!! Heaven forbid, Tim!! I think he actually resorted to tidying out his wardrobe last night with Alicia as there was no internet or television available!! I think it did him good, personally. This afternoon we are going to the GP together as he is complaining about his knees again. He has got Osgood Slatters in his knee due to growing too fast, and there is a lare bump under the patella right now that hurts him. He over- exaggerates the problem being a delightful teenager right now, but I am sure there is nothing wrong that needs treating, time and a bit less of the growthspurts and he will recover. I was surfing the blogs yesterday and had a lovely look at the one A year of Mornings - and now also Evenings. I even ordered the book in advance as it is released this autumn and I love looking at the photos! I recommend it to you too. I ordered 2 as I am still in christmas present mode, and this was a great offer from Amazon. I think this type of book is great for artistic inspiration and simply as an insight into what someone else thought to photograph every day for a year. Two friends take the photos and they live miles apart, so it is wonderful. Visit the blog and see for yourselves!!

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