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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Time flies

'when you are having fun' is how it usually continues but fun is not what we are having at the moment!!!

Sometimes it is difficult to know what the right thing to do (in any given situation) is, and one can only go with one's intuition, sense of justice, morals and personal ethics. It is about meaning what you say; about 'walking the talk' to use a modern idiom, and standing by ones beliefs in the face of obstacles and circumstances we would rather avoid. 'Turning the other cheek' is another one that springs to mind right now, as well as 'being the better person', and my personal favourite; "it is a far, far better thing that I do now"....so if you are someone who finds themselves in a similar situation and questions how they ought to act:- try to be honourable about it. Stay true to who you want others to believe you are as a person, and don't give in to the dark side!!! Not easy, never is, but at the end of the day only one person is going to judge you, and that's the one that counts.

Our poor little Finka is having a very hard time adjusting to losing her best friend and constant companion, Genghis. We are too, but she is really suffering as we always knew she would. Her security is her red blanket where she curls up in all day long, and I only see her eating when it gets to the evening. I sat outside in the sun with her for a while yesterday, placing her chair and cushion next to mine so she could pat me with her paw every now and then, and we sat together there, quite companionably. She hates it when no-one is home so we try to be here as much as possible just to let her know she is not alone. She needs a new little friend, there is no doubt about it, so our search has begun.
Its hard finding another cat, especially a Siamese, but we are looking and being put in touch with people etc and hopefully we will make Finka happy once more before the summer arrives.
In order to do this we have to try to sell some things, so my task this week is to get onto Marktplaats or E-bay and make some good adverts!! I'm not very good at it but I reckon between Tim and myself we ought to make a fair stab at it. I'm good with the photos and Tim is good with the text!!! I am resigned to parting with our stuff as it is for Finka's well-being, and we have a responsibility to her as a member of our family same as to anyone else in it. I wonder how we will get on? . . .
Sue xx

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