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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day out

I enjoyed a lovely day out shopping with a friend today. We were looking for patio furniture and a BBQ for their new garden and we managed to find everything she was looking for!! It was a case of 'inpakken en wegwezen'!!! (pick it up and go!) We managed some lunch en route as we were starving, restrained ourselves from deviating from the task in hand and ogling anything else, and managed to get some bargains whilst doing so. Yesterday I bought a small bistro set of two chairs and little table just for that bit of the garden that gets the early morning sun. They were a real bargain too! Finka is loving her cat grass I planted amongst the flowerbed and has now stopped eating the other plant she was steadily chomping her way through thank goodness. This is far better for her! Making the most of the current sunshine this week as it is all about to change . . .

I am suffering from some sleepless nights, waking at 1.30am every time, in the middle of strange and exhausting dreams, and not being able to get back to sleep for hours. Hence feeling quite exhausted this evening and calling it an early night.
Sue xx

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