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Friday, 23 March 2012

Sunny weekend has started

The little tree we planted for Genghis is flowering nicely.

The Cherry Tree is starting to bud and is looking

A morning for sunning myself as I did my
crotchet and keep Finka company
in the garden.
It's almost summer time - clocks go forward tomorrow night and the weather is fantastic! Finka and I sat outside in the back garden all morning just enjoying the wonderful sunshine and warmth. I had my summer jeans on too!! Even got as far as painting my toenails summer red for the first time this year!!!
A sign of the change in seasons along with the rapid growth within the borders. Everything is starting to shoot or sprout and it is wonderful. Garden centres are acting like magnets for just about everybody, me being no exception. We are planning a trip over the dyke sometime soon to visit a huge place selling garden furniture as my friend and her husband are in need of some for their new patio etc. I go along for the ride!! I saw a great bistro set the other day and was sorely tempted but until I know we can afford it, I'm sticking with 'just looking.' It would be ideal though . . .

There are four birthdays on my calendar for tomorrow - amazing so many on the same date - so to you all, a Very Happy Birthday indeed.
Sue xx

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