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Thursday, 8 March 2012


I must admit to looking forward to some sunny weekends and weather conducive to garden activities. I am a fair weather gardener, true. But it would seem that several of our plants have suffered too much frost damage to save this year. Good news in that  I can look around for some new ones to replace them, bad as I did rather like them!! I received vouchers for my recent birthday that are burning a hole in my pocket, so once it really feels safe enough to start sorting out the remains, then I will be happy to pay several visits to our local centres. The garden chairs can be cleaned, and the slabs freed up of all the weeds and green sludge that is covering them in patches, and we can enjoy sitting outside once again. I have plans!!!

Today it is more about hoping the car will start; doing some paperwork and preparing to ring the chappie who does my tax returns to see whether he has good or bad news this year. I hope it will be better than the disaster of 2010 - that was awful. He requires more information from me so I am tossing up whether to call there later on today since  I will be in the neighbourhood anyway . . . lets let that debate start as I make myself a coffee!!
Sue xx

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