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Monday, 26 March 2012


and the sun is in God's heaven, as the saying goes! Heavenly weather that's for sure!
I was up in the attic yesterday turfing out my summer clothes to see what is still good - or fits - and getting the chosen few into the wash!
We did a  marathon bike ride yesterday of over 20 miles ( 30+k ) and by the evening I was shattered. not tired really, but happily sleepy from the sun and the fresh air. A good sense of well-being I guess. There were bits of me that felt quite tender for a while, but luckily that has gone now - until I sit on them again!!!
and nothing really aches anywhere. I was going to cycle again this morning but where I was going was
cancelled at the last minute so I was spared! Instead I sat and plant-pondered with Finks. She is a demanding girl these days. She is not content to have her chair in the vicinity of mine, oh no, it has to be next to it. Then she leaps up, rolls onto her belly and waves her paws in the air for a tickle tummy session!
She is so lovely, really. Anyone thinking about whether Siamese make good pets or not, don't hesitate. They are amazing! If they attach themselves to you of course. Otherwise they will have nothing to do with you at all. Luckily for us, the look of love is in her eyes and we are her chosen people....aaah.

I went shopping this morning too, as there were some good offers that were great for Tim's birthday - which is coming up soon! By now you all know what a planner I am, and how I enjoy thinking about events long before they are due to take place - a good quality in my opinion! though some would have it otherwise.. my theory is, Tim will be all last minute and decide at the eleventh hour that he wants to do something for it, so I am sparing myself the panic by getting ahead of him and preparing on the QT so that mum is all calm and collected and chilled out long before he says 'about my birthday'. With Easter popping up in between, and shops having irregular opening hours etc. and me hating the crush of weekend shoppers, I know I am being sensible. Right?!

My crotchet is coming on full steam too. I've used up all the balls of wool I had bought to start me off, and got three squares out of each ball, so I was pleased about that. Just several 100 squares to go!! I have chosen all bright colours which I think Becci and Ric will like, and am looking forward to seeing their new home when there is a chance for me to get over there this summer. I like the fact that it is something one can do anywhere, any time, and that you don't need to carry around huge amounts of materials where ever you go!

Well, that is all for this Monday morning. Things to do, places to be, people to see!!!! Bye!
Sue xx

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