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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lovely weather!

Chicken Gougere Hongraise

Birthday Roses
Yesterday it was fine enough to pull out a few of the annuals that were well and truly dead!! I did the front side bit of the garden as that is not really strenuous work, and I moved some of the small Box plants around the new patch in the back where we have our 'memorial tree' for Genghis. This morning it is beautiful though colder so I am readying myself for another foray outside shortly.
Both mornings I've slept so much better after 4.30am so have indulged in a longer lie-in than I normally would do, and so am only starting the day as the church bells ring at 10am!! I have a heavy head still full of the dust of sleep, but a coffee is calling me downstairs and Finka wants to go into the garden to spy on birds so that is what  I am going to do!
Have a good weekend everybody.
Sue xx

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