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Friday, 16 March 2012

one's got to do what one's got to do.

Yesterday evening I arrived home to find that there was something the matter with my lights on the car yet again. They were not working and not going off when the engine switched off which was very strange. I rang my new best friends - the ANWB - and waited for them to come and sort it out. I was quite pleased when the chappie arrived and was equally stumped as to what the problem was initially - y'know, being a girl 'an all, I thought it was me being simple - and it took quite a while to figure out what was happening. Eventually he disconnected the computer (apparently Sooty has one!) and things looked more hopeful after that. It was too late to get to choir unfortunately, but I was so fed up with the constant stream of misfortune that we seem to be having, I went to bed in the end and tried to stop thinking about everything.
Tim was asked to go to work early and thought he would miss school today but it turned out that he started at 3am until 8am, came home, had some breakfast and a shower, went with me to our important appointment and then caught the train to school. He will get home late and go to bed early again ready for more work tomorrow morning! Only the young can take this and survive I reckon!! So, rock on, Timbo, Sunday is a day of rest!!!!

Our choir looks like it will disband in April unless someone last night had a brilliant suggestion for our problem, or everyone agreed to meet on Friday evenings. I sort of expect them not to want that, but hey, you never know. I will hear soon enough no doubt. We have one last performance next Thursday evening at the Home for the Elderly, and then that's it in all probability. Shame. I love singing!
But perhaps it will allow us to start swimming instead. Tim and I are considering doing some lengths once a week to improve our fitness, and since we have a nice pool locally it is a cheap option. I have not swam for some time now, but it is about the only sport I actually enjoy and am any good at. We'll see; I know we ought to do it....I cycled yesterday and enjoyed it as it was brilliant weather, no wind and only sunshine and warmth on my hands. Finka and I sat in the garden and it was gorgeous. I re-potted some house plants that desperately needed doing, and sat back and just faced the sun full on. This morning is disappointing as there is too much mist and cloud for it to be lovely as yet. Some wind as well . . .ah well, I now have a parrot to keep me amused (technically speaking you understand) so between that and the blinds I have lots to amuse me this weekend!! Oh, and Ann and I are going to see The Descendants on Saturday evening, so looking forward to that one too!
Sue xx

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