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Friday, 9 March 2012


So it was a lovely sunny morning and I felt in the mood for a run out to the two garden centres I prefer around here. Two because I had two different sets of vouchers to spend! Firstly I went to De Boet for my garden clogs - eyeing up several lovely looking plants as I walked around there. Then onto Intratuin a bit nearer home to buy a small slow growing tree, something we had decided to do over Genghis's spot. Actually it is close by but not directly over him as I didn't want to risk disturbing the old fella. Its a Prunus I think, and has pretty white flowers. It doesn't require pruning which made the decision as to which to buy somewhat easier, and it will be nice in the autumn according to the label. I also added two more Aubretia's to the border as they are a particular favourite of mine. It is tempting to rush out and buy more plants now but there is still a good chance of more night frosts or even snow so I have to hang fire and be more patient. A patient gardener in fact!!! ( if you've seen the film . . )

The news from the taxman is too depressing to even think about so just know it is worse than before and brought me no joy at all yesterday hence the need to look at beautiful plants this morning to cheer myself up!

I am making a Gougere Hongraise for dinner. Yes, you might well wonder what it is, but my aunt had made one for us on Monday and it was delicious so I got the recipe from her and am trying my hand at making one in the slow cooker for this evening. If it is successful then it will be something for when friends come round for dinner.

Ugh, Tim is off college today due to staff illness so I am being 'treated' or tormented by his loud rock music belting out of his bedroom! Not my taste at all - at the moment I am into Christina Perri and the new Katie Melua. Both of these CD's are great. Can I convert him? Doubtful!!
Time for some lunch methinks!
Sue xx

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