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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Busy bee

Yesterday I felt in need of some distraction so decided it was about time I cleaned the slabs in the garden, and the umbrella stand etc and got everything spruced up for Summer Time!!! I normally use a broom, a bucket full of water and some algy cleaner from ACTION 'cos that is the cheapest method. And yes, this year was no exception!! For around 2 euros the stuff from Action works a treat, and I was pleased with the results of my hard labour. I went between all the slabs removing the green weeds etc once they had dried, and was satisfied with the results. Its not paradise, nor the most inspiring garden ever, but it is ours, and it will one day look magnificent!! This is only our second year here so I don't think it is going so badly really. I have ideas in my head for more improvements, but this year it is about getting more shrubs in and the climbers going well, and maybe a little bistro set for by the window as the early morning sun is hottest there . . that will be expensive enough!!
I got out in the front in late afternoon, still seeking distraction, and started the heavier work of digging over the whole patch, weeding etc. Trouble is it gives me backache (poor old thing!) and I didn't last long. Maybe it was too late in the day and I was tired, but the work still has to be done, and I am glad I made a first attempt! Can hardly believe it will soon be Easter and that the clocks sprung forward last night!! All at odds this morning with my body clock telling me completely different things!

I am going cycling this afternoon with a friend. It's been a while since I did the whole dijk route and since she is keen to go as well, we are setting off at 1pm. I think it will be lovely though at the moment there is low cloud preventing the sun from peeking out from behind it and warming us up. As regards cycling, then no wind is far more important than no sun, so that is a good sign. It will all help with the browning up process as I have been feeling incredibly 'white' this winter not having had too much sunshine last year!! My arms and face are windblown now, and that healthy glow is beginning to appear.
Cycling is one of the best activities for getting a tan!! I will take the camera with me so you can enjoy the  views from the comfort of your computer chairs!!!
Sue xx

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