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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Photos from the garden

The newly extended Box border with Cherry Tree and Prunus
and not much else yet!!! Oh, a Clematis Montana as well.

Three tub, one s with herbs and one with
some leaves sprouting up.

At the back there are 2 Clematii and a Helleborus just coming up
with perennials in the front.

The daffs and crocuses I had for my birthday; froggy lives here
on a permanent basis. The Love Lies Bleeding just sprouting!

Moving round here are some surprises cos I can't remember what
I have got in here!!

A new Helleborus with Pansies and Aubretia etc.

The Love Lies Bleeding always gives a fantastic show each spring
but I fear it is outgrowing this tiny border and will have to move . . .

I've three of these coming back up but no idea what they are???
Looking pretty though!

There is just a teeny tiny hint of a green leaf left over
from the harsh frost on the left side. 

And the other side has got some bulbs showing which
I think are Fritillaria . . .

These two tubs were going to be thrown out from work
so I gained them last autumn. They are full of plants that
make a great green show most of the year round. But
not right now!!

This one has the climber which I hope will spread further
this year and cascade around the banner properly.
It doesn't look very much at the moment but I wanted to capture what is happening so that I know where plants are going to appear and where there are gaps in the borders. I tend to lose my memory once I get in a garden centre and start meandering through the halls. The back is where I need to start this spring, and once it gets a tad warmer progress round to the front. I have no plan there, so it is not inspiring me into activity as yet. And I am sad to have lost some great Hebes this winter, which would have looked so lovely any time soon. However, the slabs we removed from the back are going to turn into stepping stones round the front, and life will be a lot less muddy after that! Can't help wishing the Box hedging was so much taller already, and giving better definition to our garden edges . . . .still, that will take several more years patience won't it. I was going to do more today but it is a lot colder and there is no sun whatsoever which is disappointing. A day to potter indoors instead.
Sue xx

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