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Thursday, 24 February 2011


it snowed!! Fortunately it is all gone this morning so no worries.

I like todays quote on the blog about what we do today being able to improve all our tomorrows.
However, I think that what we SAY WE MEAN today can also make a difference tomorrow.

People are inconsistent aren't they? First they complain about someone not being fair, not keeping promises, making life difficult etc. Then you listen as they do exactly the same to you!!! Renege on promises, prove to be unfair themselves and consequently life gets more difficult for you again. I wonder what the missing link might be in their thinking that they don't realise how hypocritical they are being???
Or do they, and simply don't care? I generally believe the best of people until proved otherwise since this is the only way to receive people into your life. But it does occasionally result in disappointment and a realisation that my rose-coloured glasses need a good clean!!!! I'll say no more.
Sue xx

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