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Sunday, 13 February 2011

ipod playlists -

they can say a lot about us!!! I was updating mine this morning, and came to the conclusion that the order I have them in, is possibly indicative of what moods I have when I listen to music!
We have the angry mood playlist: born to run; f..k you; I thought you were on my side; another one bites the dust; against all odds - you get the drift?!!
Then we have the happy upbeat playlist: obvious child; john I'm only dancing; I love to boogie; crazy little thing; search for the hero; one day like this.
Moving on....love songs!: make you feel my love; out of the blue; catch my breath; I know you by heart; a million love songs; someone like you.
Housework playlist!!! Yes, one to get me through the ironing: hold up a light; the best you ever had; broken; greatest day; the one.
I have Sunday morning music; music for my funeral; best of british - taken into account my love of musicals and classical music, and my all time favourites and most sung.
Then I have the most recent CD playlists that  I enjoy listening to currently - Adele 21; The Union; Gravity etc.
The one for cycling on my bike has a mix of slow and steady followed by a final burst of Celine Dions more upbeat tempo singles for my flagging legs to find that last touch of power!
The overriding conclusion has to be that I adore a good power ballad, no matter who is singing it, if it has great lyrics and a catchy tune! I have my favourites, but they are more or less attached to memories and events in my life, and not random choices  really.
I need to sort out the rest because my little ipod is struggling under the volume of music I have got in itunes and cannot accommodate on my pod anymore. I spend hours shuffling them in and out of it when I sync, and just having to make choices is painful - I want to keep them all!! The answer, I realise, is an ipod classic.....................as Tim delights in telling me over and over again! Best thing he ever did was trade his touch for a classic. Me, I will poddle on making my selection so that when I am lying awake in bed in the early hours, I can lull myself back to sleep with a new Lullaby playlist!!!!
Sue xx

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