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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

"I wish I may....

I wish I might,
wish the wish that comes true tonight."

Not my best poetry but I am sending it out into the universe all the same! My conflicts rage on, and they are appearing out of the woodwork it seems, fighting me on all sides. I wish I felt stronger right now, able to cope, and not sinking to the depths first before realising that air is at the surface! I will swim back up, but right now I am circling around in my own personal ocean, wondering where the fish are so I can eat; wondering where the sun is so I can warm my back; wishing I were an oyster catcher and might find a precious pearl; looking for the greener grass.....................missing, missing, longing, hoping, and to cap it all, I had an appointment with the funeral company last night and heard that I can only have 3 songs!!! That won't do I told him - there are 7 on my list!!!! I think he found me uncompromising on some things, strange about others, and clear about the rest. So I hope that is now organised. I think it will be even louder music in the car this morning - last night I think I blew my eardrums a little but I can take more!!!!
Sue xx

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