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Sunday, 20 February 2011

this was the week that was...

my valentine roses
full of nice surprises!!! Red roses, which were beautiful and in need of protection from the attention of our rather romantic little cat. When they were in the living room on the dining table she started picking them out of the vase and bringing them to me. When they were in the study, she laid one out on the bed whilst I was showering. So now they are in a safe place on the bookshelves, way out of her reach!!!

Birthday presents already! Well, two cards and a very thoughtful bookmark actually, which is just what I need.

Work - four days which I badly need right now, so hoping that is going to bring me more in the coming months. It was interesting because there are some projects in the future that might mean job possibilities, and I need regular hours if we are going to survive this year. So cross all fingers and toes for me please!

Study - yesterday which was good. Reminded me that I have more work that I was forgetting about conveniently just for a while...........but still has to be done! Finding the reading hard going right now, which is difficult, but can't be avoided. Hoping to have some clients in the near future too.

Nightmares!!! Seem to be experiencing many of them just lately, which are disturbing and sometimes too real to be welcome. Hoping that this has now passed and I can relax and sleep peacefully.

And THIS week, will see me departing these shores for rather more familiar ones, and a few days of absolute pleasure. I have to admit I can't wait. I have missed too much for too long and I am in great need of some bolstering and support and love and joy and friendship and Marks & Spencers knickers!!!!!
But all this is not enough to keep me away - so before you know it, " I'll be back'!!!!!
Sue xx

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