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Monday, 21 February 2011

Moving on.........

it looks like this is a week for organising, information seeking, planning etc all beginning with my tax return!! Yes, I believe I have got it all in order and am taking it to my bookkeeper tomorrow morning. This is the first time I have done it for myself, so how many things do you think I will have got wrong?!!!!!
Coupled with thinking about tax is the coming of age birthday for Tim in April, so there are lots of changes in our policies and for his study etc that I need to know about. You hear such different stories every time, but my idea is to always go to the source, and find out first hand. So I have been busy ringing the DUO and the health insurance company etc in an attempt to discover what needs to be done.
I also took the cats to the vets for their dental check-up and as predicted, Finka needs to have a little surgical cleaning under anaesthetic.....................so I have contacted her insurance to double check what is really covered!!! It was sounding very expensive, so I told them I would save up and come back when I had the money. Genghis, we agreed, only has a couple of teeth and he can live with that ok so not to bother doing anything more. He was extremely relieved to hear that!!! They both jumped back into the safety of their carrier before the vet could do anything else!! Finka has hidden herself under the blanket just in case I want to catch her again today!!
So, administration is the name of the game this week! Not one of my favourite occupations................
Sue xx

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