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Wednesday, 9 February 2011


to settle down to work! My mind is elsewhere this week, so I am sitting here hoping for inspiration to write my essays.............and its not happening!! I have to prepare some research on Cognitive Therapy as well, for our next study group, and I really wish I was able to concentrate on these tasks instead of feeling preoccupied with other matters. I did manage one chapter of the tome............it was ok, but I see how it is going to require a lot of dedication if I am to read it all in a reasonable time frame.
Today I received my Christmas present from my daughter -  a poetry book and a CD that I had placed on my wish list. Tim had a t-shirt of a group he likes, so he was well pleased. It was good to have such a wonderful surprise this morning when I answered the door - the last few days it has all been about tax returns and new bills etc, and that is no fun. I am on a steep learning curve this month!!! This weekend I need to knuckle down and prepare my paperwork for the tax return, and given that I understand zilch about  it I am not looking forward to it one little bit. Perhaps that is why my essays are not free-flowing right now......
This month the cats are being treated to a free teeth and mouth control at the vets. I already know the outcome, as Siamese do suffer badly from gum disease etc and even though we do everything possible to keep them healthy, this is never going to be easy. So I am anticipating being told that Finka requires an operation to clean her teeth and treat her gums..................and since Genghis has only one or two teeth anyway, he can manage a while longer. I take them together now to prevent any trouble between them once one comes home smelling like the vets. It worked a treat last time so I am hoping this is going to be the solution every time. Genghis went outside this morning for a sniff of spring air, but it is still rather too cold for him to remain out there and sleep. Not long now Geng!!!
Well, how long can I procrastinate for?...........thought so!!!
Sue xx

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