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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Mixed week

Not been blogging much this week due to a nasty cold and feeling quiet and thoughtful about so many things, but am now on the mend again. Listening to the new Adele CD 'Adele 21" which is just what I need right now. Of course, waiting for Bob still.........did you see him trampolining on the One Show on Friday? What a cool guy, I just love his sense of humor. And the song still rates up there for me. I particularly like Someone, on this CD.........seems to speak right to me, y'know? Listen to it sometime for me.
Today was another study day, long, intense, hugely empowering and humbling. A mixed bag of emotions racing through me this evening, trying to take it all in. We are about to embark on THE BIG BOOK - 'An Introduction to Counselling' - which we need to know cover to cover before the exam in July. We are forewarned that it is not your average night-time reading matter, but one that we will pick up and put right back down again after a few pages!! I think it is just that it covers so many of the different approaches to psychology so lots of theory.............from Freud to Jung to Rogers to Egan to Fred Sellers down the road!!!
Having studied some of this before, I think I can handle it well enough but remembering it all????????? Another matter completely!! Hard to believe we are half way now, and it is apparent that the real work is only just beginning. Tomorrow is study day as well, so a full weekend.
The wind was horrendous today. Too much for Tim to cycle to work but we managed to sort that out eventually with the very kind help of Ann - thanks, again! My poor car was being blown from side to side all the way to Amsterdam and back, and I did feel a little worried when huge gusts tucked under her little body.........hopefully the worst is now over.
Well, catching up on housework this evening so better do some more before I go to bed. TV on Saturdays..why is it always so naff?!!
Sue xx

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