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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


provided me with better health and a day out with our boy. Tim had been wanting to go to Alkmaar to the kitchen shop there, for some new kit, so as it is half term, he popped into my room yesterday morning and asked what my plans were for the day. I always know this is the beginning of a request............
so we toddled off to Alkmaar which we decided we had not visited since last April - that long!! - and enjoyed a delightful day there together. He had saved a lot of money since before Christmas and I think he was in the mood for spending some of it, so that was even better!! I could just troll along beside him and go into all the shops and look whilst he decided what he wanted to buy. He made good choices, didn't blow it all, and we had a super mum-son day out together. I love that sort of day. I miss this sort of day with Becci.
Our plans for the coming weekend are slowly finding a shape and pattern that is compatible with everyone else's wishes - I hope!! I got the suitcase down yesterday and started laying out clothes etc and thinking about all the washing and cleaning and shopping and baking I need to get done today. The cats are suspicious. They keep eyeing me intently as if to say ' we know you are up to something!' Tim will spoil them whilst I am gone, so I don't feel the need to explain my absence to them til the last goodbye. I can always send them a card................
Well, I promised myself that I would be in the shower by 7.30am so that I can get out to the super before nine, and into the kitchen before ten, and sitting pretty in the living room before three!!!! ;-)
Sue xx

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