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Saturday, 12 February 2011

change of weather

this morning; rain, rain, rain. And wind. Poor Tim, setting off to work this morning early doors - I was cosy in bed!!

So, this weekend is for Valentines. Last night Tim and  I went shopping for his 'valentine's meal' that he has been preparing for his girlfriend and him on Sunday. I am proud of him for being such a sensitive and romantic young man, and for wanting to show his affection and love in this way. What girl would not be overwhelmed by his attentions?! They had discussed what to cook together, some things decided due to them loving what I cooked at Christmas, so that was a nice compliment. I think the white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake sounds delish!! I offered to be the waitress but was told he could do that as well................aah. So are we ladies all dreaming about our knights sending us roses on Monday? My dream romantic gesture would be to receive a bouquet of roses whilst at my work...........years ago when I was just a slip of a girl, I was present in a meeting when this happened to a colleague of mine, and her absolute surprise and joy and happiness at her husbands thoughtfulness, has stayed with me. I used to babysit for their children as we all worked in the same hospital, and they were a  truly lovely family. Sadly this same lady had Multiple Sclerosis which she battled bravely for many years. I just have to buy the single red rose for Tim as he is working all day; think I can manage that!

Nothing much has been happening in our little slice of the universe, so not a lot to talk about. The coming weeks are busy what with work and half term, and the mundane activities of life. It all has to continue and get done and all that, but it is less than inspiring, and I am trying to focus on March instead! Perhaps that will be a month of sunshine, and flowers and warmth and spring................
Sue xx

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