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Saturday, 12 May 2012

tackling the mess!

I have done nothing at all with my card making or scrapbooking since before Christmas and it feels time I sorted out my tiny space and prepared to make something new! I can't work in chaos and I have so little space which over the months has become shrouded in dust and clutter until I no longer want to sit down and create.
But I did some today! I really did. I went through several drawers in the large cupboard and dreamt of having doors on them to keep the dust away. I tidied my small table where I actually do the work, and blew the dust onto the floor (sweeping is next on the list!) and started thinking about which papers and items I need to keep by me constantly . . and dreamt of buying new papers etc later in the summer . . .
I cleared the windowsill and cleaned it and put the plants back and items that won't fade in the sun. I have been busy - but now I am starting to sneeze with all the dust that is blowing about in here; the cats are wanting my attention and it is time for a cup of tea!
I am thinking about holidays and time off and decorating and the kitchen and planting out plants in the garden curtesy of Tim's Mother's Day present, and now I am tired.
I guess it must be that time of year when I finally get my spring cleaning act together!!!!
Sue xx

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