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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Recent photos

30th April Enkhuizen, Gloria enjoying a well earned rest from
our marathon bike ride!

Tulips being harvested in Westwoud.

Left hand borders from the house side.

Small corner by the shed.

Longer side by shed.

Facing the house from the shed.

The Astilbes and Hostas on the right side where
we get the shade.

The shed side again.

My purple and blue border.

Herbs in tubs and then the pink and white border
after I cut the box into more of a hedge shape this

Shadow side facing back door.

The wall hanging and huge Hosta.

Where we sit first thing in the morning when
the sun is out.

Gebke at the rummage sale last weekend in the rain!!!!!
Here are some photos showing what we have been up to recently. I wanted to take some all in one go but you know how it goes . . . anyway, this is a good chance to catch up on our lives here in (mostly) sunny Holland!!!
Today was lovely - but clouding over at the moment so I probably have made the most of the sunshine by going out on my bike this morning. I wanted some plants and since people often have them for sale along the roadside here, I emptied by jar of 10cents and went off in search of some Geraniums etc. It was a lovely ride really - cool in the shade and lovely in the sun, and with my iPod blaring favorite music in my ears I was content. Will and Finka have been outside a little too, but Will aims way above his station when he spots birds and anything that he can climb, so we are in for a tough ride with the little boyo!!! He isn't the type to stay home for long, like Finka.
It's Mothers Day here in the Netherlands today. Just so you know.
Sue xx

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