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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

Tiny tree in the border!

Astilbes starting to bud.

Princess of Wales Rose.

New border plants.

A Chocolate plant, Tim!!!

First of the large Clematis flowering.

This weekend has been exceptionally hot! I went cycling for two days and then got rather sunburnt which curtailed my activities rather. I got the umbrella up and positioned myself with top half in the shade!!!! Legs are so difficult to tan aren't they? I was lazy yesterday and slept rather a lot. When it is warm I tend to be awake at the crack of dawn and do the ironing before I take a shower to cool off afterwards! It is such a warm task at the best of times, but extreme heat makes it unbearable. Good finally getting out the summer clothes and figuring out that most don't fit so a quick month of caution lies ahead! Tim had the same and so decided he needed to order some new summery stuff - same every year! "Where are my sunglasses? Where are my flip-flops? Have you seen them, mum?" We are back to normal with stuff once again, and I for one am hoping it remains that way!!
Tomorrow I have to take a passport photo . . .hoping the redness will have faded somewhat by then!!!
Sue xx

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