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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

learning how

to do this!!! Having just been through the upgrading process on my computer all by my little self, and run into several huge panicky problems, I decided this afternoon to read some instructions about the new blogger. It helped. Really. I ought to read them more often. Note to self: " read the ....... manual"!!!!! Got it; promise.
Some people at work are thinking about holidaying in England next year so I was looking for some good suggestions for them and found this one for Yorkshire. Lovely. Wish I was there!! Next time I see them I will watch it with them and hopefully convince them that there are beautiful places on the other side of the water without having to travel too far!
But back to my computer upgrade - everything looks different, behaves differently and tells me things I never knew before but most of all my email has changed and become vulnerable, and that worries me. We have tried to remedy it and now with nail bitten fingers we are praying it is all better again. Still not 100% sure about it all, but nothing more we can do. Right?
Joanna - if you are reading this then you will have received your e-card too I presume?!! Happy birthday to you anyway!
Becci survived her first Guide Camp and from the photos of her sitting in a tree smiling I think she enjoyed it. Their activities sounded brilliant so well done to the leaders for organizing such a great weekend. I am so glad she is getting involved same as I did years ago - happy I preserved my Camp Blanket so well too!!!
Busy baking White Chocolate & Pecan Cookies so better go and rescue them from the oven!!
Sue xx

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