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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Something in the skies over Windsor

We are starting to celebrate our Queen's Diamond Jubilee and yesterday I sat and watched the muster of the Armed Forces at Windsor. It was an impressive sight. At the end, there was a flypast of around 70 aircraft including the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and these guys. The best part of the whole thing was seeing how delighted Her Majesty was when she looked up and saw a 60 and E II R overhead. She smiled and she clapped and she was full of joy. Made all that practicing so worthwhile, right?
To end the flight, the Red Arrows showed up in the Diamond 9 formation. A cheer rose from the crowd. A tear or two filled my eyes. As a youngster we lived in Deal, Kent, and at every Regatta the Red Arrows would swoop in over our heads and then give their display over The Pier and seafront.
I remember the distant roar that signaled their approach. Suddenly out of nowhere they would be there.
Round of applause is well deserved.

Its all go right now in the UK. What with the Olympic Flame arriving at Culdrose on Friday and starting the torch relay around the whole country, this muster, the Jubilee Song, the Concert at the Palace, the Street Parties etc . . . .busy, busy, busy. Better unfurl the old flag then!!!! My friend gave me a huge silky scarf yesterday that is a Union Jack, and its perfect. It was for sale at the annual Market here on Friday apparently. Good timing!! Its sad not to be at home with all this happening but we are celebrating here too. Can't wait for the Flotilla on Sunday 3rd June . . .
Sue xx

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