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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

update about the choir shinanigins!!!

Ok, so you know that the whole choir thing is not going anywhere sadly, but there has been some movement on that score since I last wrote my blog. I was asked whether I was interested in a small group getting together so I said yes, that was ok; I also contacted Marike about her choirs and she leads a gospel one in Enkhuizen to which she has invited me to go to to see whether it is for me or not, and it looks like we are going to give it a try with our small group after all! We have a pianist and 5 singers, so who knows - oak trees grow from little acorns after all! We are able to use the room in the Nieuwe Doelen for a couple of months,very cheaply to see whether we get any more interest or not, which is very kind of them, and we can at least have time to sing together and have some fun if nothing else! So, if you are interested in a small group on a thursday evening....let me know! Apart from all this I am busy trying to make kits for the large workshop I am hosting together with Loes on 10 November for a womans club. I went to get the cardstock today and have started with the examples, after work, which is the nice part of it all! Guess what everyone will be getting for Christmas this year!!!??? I cannot let you see a photo until I have given the workshop so that it remains a surprise for the ladies, but it is quite good even if I say so myself! Hard to imagine having between 25 and 36 ladies all making something I have designed?! I had heard via the grapevine where my favourite glue was in a local shop so I went there today and bought the lot! I have not found any other glue that is better, and for so many people I cannot provide tape etc. willy nilly, so I was very happy to have got it stashed upstairs this evening!!! It is actually just a huge relief that the workshop was approved this week and that that decision is now made and I can prepare for it. Well, the evening is moving on, and I am working tomorrow so no late night for me! hope alls well with you all out there, suzanne.

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