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Sunday, 26 October 2008

all better!!!

Thank goodness that is over! I had a very uncomfortable night Tuesday and awoke to violent sickness and diarrhoea........NOT NICE! My friend told me it is a bug that is going around, so my sympathies to anyone else who is unfortunate enough to also get it. But I am ok now - feel a cold percolating around in my chest but so far no problems. The weather has really shifted into autumnal grey this morning and the wind is whipping around here quite fiercely at the moment. Peter is off shortly to sunnier climes ie. Egypt for the week, with his work. At the moment he is busy sorting out all the information he wants to stuff into the already over-full suitcase, but I have got his clothes all packed and so my task is over until I get my taxi chauffeurs hat out! And this is where men and women differ: he is taking brochures etc and has a weight restriction of 20kgs. He now thinks a larger suitcase is called for but as I told him, the weight restriction remains the same! My suggestion is to take his info out of the hard binders that take up too much space and put them into the flexible flat ones, and get the other binders when he is there. Too logical maybe??? I think so. He is getting into stress mode and then reason goes out of the window!!!!! Mutter, mutter, is all I can hear behind me right now, poor lamb!! Well, he has to decide for himself in the end so I think the larger suitcase argument will be the one he goes with...don't you?! Tim is away this weekend with Alicia in Meppel. Visiting her family there...must be serious!! It is going to be oh so quiet once Pete has left, and I have lots of time to get on with my own thing. Still knee deep in the workshop sets - I need to get them completed this week, so there is some urgency creeping in now! Loes should be here tomorrow to help if she is feeling recovered enough. I will be happy when it is over! Peter did go out and buy me a hobby lamp yesterday so that helps a lot. I can now see at night and it is helpful that it swings in all directions, and is clamped on the back of the desk so no space taken up!! Not quite the daylight lightbulb I wanted but it is fine. And Strictly is progressing nicely, but what happened to Len last night? All of a sudden Mr Nice Guy turned nasty and was commenting in a very non-Len manner. Quite shocking actually! I was disappointed by Cherie's paso - the acting let her down after she forgot the entrance sequence, and it was rather flat from there on in. But I still think that Vincent and his partner are delightful!!! I love watching them as their partnership is so sweet. And what about John?!!!! Great fun laughing at him but I respect him for never forgetting his routine and his fantastic sense of humour. I hope they stay in a while longer, but I fear that Mark might be going tonight. That's my guess anyway. Do let me know if you are fans too - and who your favourites are etc. Going to help Pete some more now................ bye!

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