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Sunday, 12 October 2008

A sunny weekend

We were at our friends 25th wedding anniversary last night and I made this "milk carton" to put their present in, instead of a boring old envelope!! I am loving making these at the moment - so easy! I downloaded the template from the internet ( google 'template for a milk carton') and then size shape to fit an A4 sheet of printer paper. Once you have the pattern you can resize the height etc as you like. I had made some examples for myself and when I showed them to our neighbours, they asked me to make some for another present, so I have to do a 50th wedding anniversary now! Is my inspiration coming back I hope?!! After a summer of virtually no scrapping it is delightful to have re-discovered my mojo, and be happy in my scraps. This is the idea for the workshop I am giving next month by the way....only then they are making 3 and I've got a case for them to stand it etc. Anyway, have a go - it's fun! suzannex

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