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Friday, 27 April 2012

recent photos

A Chocolate Cake for work.

Will with his beloved Mousey.

Said Mousey . . Finka has one as well!!

Wool for my granny squares.

And some I made earlier!!

There were two in the bed and the larger one said . . 

Will suspended between the bed and the stool!

The cutest cat on the block!!!
So, I seem to have been up to a lot lately whilst my arm has been recovering but not more than usual really. I made some cakes for work this week so this was one of them  . . . tasted great! I made an Orange Cake too which is delicious and not one I've tried before. And a Coffee and Walnut and a Fruit Cake . . . all for a good cause.
Then we have my granny squares which eventually will transform themselves into a bed blanket for Becci & Ric's bed in their new home. I've done quite a few now and like the colours a lot, so it is going to be good when I finish it - hopefully for October so I can take it over when we go on holiday.
And finally here is Willoughby. 4 months old and already dominating the scene!! Finka adores him but stands no messing so there are times when the fur flies - and today my beautiful large blue bowl as well - but all in all, she is recovering her spirits since Will arrived and Genghis rested in peace in the garden.
It was very difficult deciding what was best under the circumstances but then fate stepped in and made it possible so we are so grateful about that. An exchange system is perhaps not  a bad thing after all when money is an issue!!! The main thing is that all is well with Finka and Will and we have happy cats once again.
It's a bank holiday weekend here so hopefully it is going to be sunny!! Now my arm is recovering I hope I can do some weeding in the front garden and place the stepping stones ( slabs from the back) where I want them etc. Tim is off to his girlfriends and I have no plans other than perhaps a bike ride on  Monday weather permitting. If anything I need the time to haul out all the clutter from under the stairs and sort that cupboard out again. A sort of spring cleaning burst of enthusiasm perhaps . . and there is still the wallpaper stripping to tackle if it rains . . .plenty to occupy me anyway.
Have a good one where ever you are!!
Sue xx
Sue xx

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