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Monday, 30 April 2012

Pat on the back!!

Despite having a jippy tummy all morning and not being able to leave the house!! I managed to do the understairs cupboard and one or two of my snuggery ones too, AND started on the second wall in the bedroom!! I lie in bed pondering the whether's:- plaster and paint v paper and paint. The jury is still out on this one! Ideally I would love to plaster the walls properly so that they finally get a smooth finish and the option for papering still remains on one wall, but nicely painted silky walls are still for the other ones.
I've had to push back the thought of new bedroom furniture until maybe the end of this year . . . we so want to do the kitchen side to give us more space, and we cannot do both. I watched the Ikea programme yesterday where they Fix This Kitchen and give someone a brand new one in place of the terrible one they have already. Please someone give me up for this make-over!!!! We all love to cook here and the space we have is tiny and simply not large enough for our ambitions! Apart from the Boretti I would be  happy to get rid of everything else, and start again...................even a small space like ours could be so much more efficient (sigh). I know exactly how it would look too....................(small splodge on the keyboard).
However, there are so many other dreams and wishes if truth were told, so if I start to think about all of them as well, the beautiful sunshine outside would not cheer me up and that would be sad.
Queenie Day here in Holland!! The world turns orange today and shortly there will be a parade of decorated bicycles and the local harmonie (band) parading along our streets and park. I don't tend to get involved with it much - we are going out on our bikes this afternoon, Gloria and I, and that will be nice enough. A Thai Curry for dinner, the footie for Tim  and settled for the day. Just the morning to get through first, and more chores. Finka was in and out of the garden yesterday as it rained a teeny tiny amount only, and I am still thinking about moving those slabs round to the front to use as steps in the garden. Might just manage that today!
Have a good one where ever you are and be safe. Think I am ready for my first coffee in the garden with Finks - Will is still too young to be let out on his own.
Sue xx

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