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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Frustrating pain

in my right arm and shoulder is driving me mad!! It is tingling so that means a nerve is irritated, and it is agony to do some movements especially in my shoulder blade and all up my arm is just so painful!! I didn't drive yesterday as it needs some rest, but I am not sleeping well either as I cannot toss and turn over from side to side etc. Aagh! I am fed up!

Tim and I have put up the new blinds at long last, but oddly enough one pattern is a different shade to the other two, so now they look odd!! I didn't notice at the time I bought them as they were the same pattern and together on the row, so never thought twice about it . . .serves me right I suppose! My guess is that the smaller one is a new batch and it has a darker print, so now I will have to search for the older batch and replace it when I get chance. It will be ok until then no doubt.

Where has the lovely weather gone?! The garden is blossoming well but we can't enjoy it now that it is so much cooler. And snow at Easter? Well, we have had it before so I suppose it can happen again.

Off to the vets now for some salve for Finka's eyes. I think they are sore and not getting better on their own, so mum to the rescue!!!
Sue xx

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