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Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Sunday

Did you watch The Boat Race? What a farce this year with a swimmer getting in the way and the race being halted and then restarted only to find that Oxford lost an oar and Cambridge won by default!!!! I think there will be many enquiries going on about decisions made etc. Shame, it was ruined in the end.

The sun came out yesterday so we managed to sit in the garden with our pre-lunch Bucks Fizzes and enjoy the moment. Soon went in again however, in the afternoon so no bike rides for us! I must compliment myself on the Scallops Started; it was delicious and even Tim who never eats seafood, decided it was fine.
My friend has eaten in the Rick Stein Fish Restaurant in Padstow so I am firmly convinced that we have to do this when we are holidaying in Cornwall later this autumn!! If Tim will now eat fish, then its fine. But we will have to book to get it apparently! Just 6 months away now - where is this year going?!
In the end it was a Pavlova and the Queen of Puds as Tim wanted both. Yummy! My focus is now on the coming weekend and what to make for Tim's birthday bash. I think the youngsters will want to frituur some stuff so I can leave that up to them, but I fancy doing something different . . .
I was reading Ineke's Easter Brunch menu and it sounded amazing! She is so good at planning the buffets for her family, I practically drool as I read her blog! I know what to get her for her 50th this summer!!!

Today is lazy day here. A day for doing as little as possible apart from catching up on stuff I have neglected over the past month ie. my admin! Top priority as it is beginning to pile up under my computer and needs filing. We deserved a pat on the back this year as we actually got money back from the water company!! That's a first, right?! Proves our money saving efforts are worthwhile; just got to work on the electricity in a certain person's room . . .

Anyway, enjoy all your chocolate eggs and have a safe and fun bank holiday.
Sue xx

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