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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Apparently I have got Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which means that there is a nerve trapped in my neck due to the muscles being too tense and narrowing the outlet for the nerve!! It took Dr Bakker just a couple of presses on my neck to discover the problem!! Ouch!! I am busy trying to contact a physio to treat it for me as soon as possible, please.
So here I sit painfully typing a few lines. It was Tim's 19th birthday yesterday - wow, last year in the teens.
We had his 'do' on Saturday which we enjoyed of course, and thank everybody for coming over. Last night we went out as a family and celebrated it quietly together. Tim had to get up for work so early that there was no chance of making a night of it for him!!! Both the children nearly grown up is quite a thing really - so proud of them both.
I'm still loving THE VOICE on Saturday evenings. The last guy on this time was phenomenal and I loved his voice and presence on stage. He could win . . . . .
It remains cold here sadly with some frost apparently this morning though not here!! The bargains in the garden centres are so tempting but for some plants it is still too risky to put them outside. I love Fuschia's  but they need warmth so too soon....I love so many plants that I sat down at the weekend and wrote all the ones I have my eye on for the garden, as well as the ones we already have, and it is quite a nice list!
Ok, pain increasing rapidly so going to make a coffee and do some more reading for work.
Sue xx

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