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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Two layouts using the JULY SCRAPKIT from SCRAPFEVER

Tim and Oma together; the youngest and oldest members of the Kalkman family at present. Tim is 15 and Oma is 89! She thought it was so great to have this photo taken of them together. Me and my best friend Peter on his 50th birthday in June - you remember we went to England to surprise him?! We have been friends since we were 11 and 10 respectively, so worth celebrating this with one another! We are so alike in many ways that we could be twins!! ( I mean in our ways and habits and thought patterns etc!). Last time we spoke I said something to him and then said " I know what you are thinking!!" and Peter said " how did you know that?" and I said we have been able to read each others thoughts for so many years it was easy!!! Our sense of humour is also very similar but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES could one say our musical taste is the same!!!! His is a very unusual eclectic one that no-one would WANT to imitate it!!!! But I still love him dearly!!! xx

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