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Friday, 1 August 2008

Some little treats for me and my friend!

THIS IS THE FLIP CAMERA!!!Peter has ordered me one of these!! I love it to bits already and it is only just been put in the post! I saw it on a blog.. dangerous things these blogs, I see too much! and I decided that it was ideal for someone like me who has NEVER shot a video EVER!!!! And it looks so easy and fits into my handbag etc and is CUTE!!! So that is what is making me happy today - and I think it is wonderful of Peter to get me it. Thanks darling!xx
As another treat I have booked for a pedicure next week as doing anything to my toenails at the moment is impossible! I cannot touch them as I cannot bend that far yet! So I felt it was in order to get a pedicure and solve that problem in a very relaxing manner! And then I have booked for Lindsey and I to have a treatment afternoon together when she is here in September. She is feeling rather stressed at the moment so I thought it would be nice to treat her to a little something during her stay. We are going to a local beauty place so it is only small, hence the need to book well in advance! I think it will do us both good.

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