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Saturday, 7 July 2012


started with lovely sunshine so now I have a rather sore lower lumber spine and an aching bottom having gone out on my bike to celebrate the warm weather we are enjoying today. It's not going to last. Tomorrow it will rain no doubt. adding to my aches and pains is that fact that I spent the early hours of this morning weeding the front garden ( finally) and making it look pretty good alongside those of our adjoining neighbours. It is such a pity that they don't have an interest in gardening, that's all I'm saying.
Their weeds spread over into our patch and multiply like only a weed can, and before you know it we are over run with the darn things! I also went out for ant boxes as they are running rife front and back. The other night it felt really humid and as if it would thunder and suddenly a whole tribe of them were in the hall. We devastated them with the white powder but the boxes were now over four weeks old and new ones required. Lets hope they do the job.
I got some housework done too and have booked a supervision session for this coming Wednesday evening; I need to complete two hours for level 1 and my tutor has been amazing and offered to do them for me over the summer. I really do need to focus on getting the second essay tidied up and referenced so that it can be submitted: on the to do list along with all the rest!!!
Just one more week to go before I have my trip across the water. I think it is very timely and I definitely need to go away for a while. I want to 'shuffle off my mortal coil' as I believe the immortal Mr. Shakespeare once wrote.
But before I do that, I do wish Andy Murray and Roger Federer a great match tomorrow afternoon. Will the Queen be in attendance? One thinks so. History might just be made over there in SW19. One way or the other, both players will go into the record books. I like to be fair about it!!!!
Sue xx

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