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Monday, 16 July 2012


....will the sun stay out all day? It was beautiful at 6am this morning but already there are more clouds gathering above and although it is warmer than of late, I am dubious about how long it will stay nice.
I have been cooking since waking up as friends are coming for lunch in honour of Tim and Amber getting their diploma's this last week. The usual worry of 'will there be enough' has not subsided as yet, but I hope so. Numbers are increasing daily!! I am sure I have enough desserts. They are what I enjoy baking the most so the hard part is normally more about which ones to choose. I've gone for something new, not tried before; something I am very fond of, and Tim's request for a boozy Strawberry Trifle!!!
They do not go at all with the Moroccan main course!! But who cares???? Nor will the wine match the meal, or the plates, or the glasses or the napkins, or the chairs, or anything pretty much, but I do not mind in the least. I am just so happy that everybody is coming here! And I am organized, phew!
Enough time to sit back and relax and do nothing for an hour or so, which is pretty good going. Long live the Slow Cooker!!

It was a beautiful day in the end - and the sun stayed out til the evening. I think everybody went away feeling full!!! I certainly did. Thanks for coming one and all.
Sue xx

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