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Friday, 6 July 2012

Semi-finals day

Who are you rooting for? Me, I'm for Federer all the way as I would love to see him win another title here at Wimbledon. It would probably be his last so why not? He's a well mannered gentleman who plays a pretty good game of tennis - and never seems to feel the need to grunt his way through a match!!!
Then we have the other semi-final. Are we torn between who we want to win or not, folks? I find it hard to be behind Murray as he once so clearly made us aware that he is Scottish and doesn't give a damm about the English. Well, ok, boyo, maybe we don't care so much for you!! But it is many, many years since someone from the UK actually got into the final of the mens tournament, that I would be fine if he makes it. I used to like Ivan Lendl.
I suspect it will be Tsonga versus Djokovic really, if I'm being honest but having been glued to my seat the last time Murray played Djokovic in Australia it would be an amazing contest if it ends up being between these two players. If it's Tsonga versus Federer then I hope Roger gets the glory.
Anyway, I am going to be watching this afternoon! Thank goodness they now have a roof over Centre Court!!!
Get ready for those Mexican Waves!!!
Sue xx

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