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Sunday, 8 July 2012


Well, I think Andy Murray deserves credit for his efforts at Wimbledon this afternoon, and what more fitting name than that associated with William Wallace from the film of the same title.
But I was for Federer all the same . . .hip, hip, hooray.

It poured down with rain all day here, a complete contrast to the lovely weather of yesterday! At least the garden is properly watered after my weeding spree, and I hope I don't need to do any more before next weekend!

Lots to do this week. I need to be on top of my planning and ahead of my game ( still in tennis mode) if I am not going to forget something. Tim just added to my workload but in a nice way but still more planning required. A little under the weather today myself, but no doubt it will pass. Amazing what a good nights sleep can do for a gal!!!
Sue xx

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