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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Absence makes the heart

grow fonder, they say, so going away for a few days will do me good. I can see if I miss it here. I can see if I am ever going to stop calling 'home', 'home'. I can see how I feel about things - what is important and what is not. I can assess my life. I can take stock. I can reflect. I can make decisions.

Well, of course all that is possible but whether or not it happens remains a secret of the future. Because today is about the present. Getting ready. Cleaning. Packing. Sorting out things I've neglected for a while. Checking and double and sometimes even triple checking I have got everything I need!!! I packed a while ago but this morning  I unpacked and re-packed and weighed the suitcase and felt comfortable about it being less than I feared. I watched the sun go in and the rain start. I cuddled our cats and told them not to fret whilst I am away. They will not be here alone!!! This is a solo flight. Something just for me to enjoy and recharge my fading old batteries. I need to see the hills and the distances between them. I need to be me, free from everything else, back with my family and friends, and just breathe in the air that I miss so very much. It's been too long since I was there, and I am feeling the strain just a little too much. I suppose it is understandable given all that happens and the ups and downs I experience. I long to jump off this roller coaster ride and get back on those prancing horses that just gently bob up and down and go round and round and look so pretty. I need to hear the music of my life again.
Sue xx

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