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Monday, 1 September 2008

Print in a scrapped frame for Becci

I sent for this print from the US as I love Kelly Rae's work, and they came so quickly! It is quite small but I have made a frame around it and just scrapped on what I wanted to and hey presto! it was finished!! We are trying to go over at the end of this month so I am collecting various bits and pieces to take with us - I think she will like it. Did anyone see the final of Last Choir Standing on Saturday? It was a great show and I was pleased that the lads from Wales won though I was torn between the last 3 if I am honest. What talent they have!! No doubt it will be a show that soon comes to Holland as well, as choirs are very popular here too. Something for ENJOY to aspire to Ineke?!!!! I am still in the middle of having friends here - Lindsey arrives tomorrow for the week and then I am off to Dorset next week, and then Gilly comes here with me , so until 20 Septem ber don't expect a lot of blogging to be happening!! I am also missing out on my scraptime so that is getting to me a bit now - time to start thinking about christmas cards.............got the latest cardkit and am expecting the kit from DE Creatie today hopefully. It is the first time I have had it from them, so I am very curious as to what it will contain. I am also dying to get into the christmas paper buying mode!!!! Saving up for that now as well. Anyway, just a quick hello to all of you out there and hoping to catch up on your blogs too! xx

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