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Saturday, 6 September 2008


Just had the call from her that she is safely home and back into the humdrum of everyday life already!!! It was lovely seeing her this week and we had a great time. This photo was taken yesterday on the beach at Egmond-aan-zee. We had a little light lunch there and a potter around before coming home to the packing and relaxation of her last night. And since I took her to the train at 7am this morning I have been none-stop! I have got loads of washing done; undercoated and got one coat of paint already on the kitchen walls; made a start on this evenings dinner; got e-mails written and sent off before I go away; got my ticket and money and passport in my handbag; started thinking about what to take as Gilly threatens monsoon weather in Dorset all week; got some notes written for Tim to follow so he doesn't forget the appointments he has this next week.........got times of the trains for me to go and us to come back - also for Peter this afternoon.....wow!!! I am supermum today!!!!! It is morning energy - I feel it fading fast! We are having visitors tomorrow so thinking about a delicious pear and ginger trifle for them, shopping, cleaning, ah, it never ends. But if you want a giggle, read the column by Daphne Dekkers in VROUW today girls. The last sentence made me laugh out loud!!!! " Lights out; socks on!"" Read it and see for yourselves!! ps. trying to get a signature for my blog - lots of tips but no time to create it yet - it will happen!!

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