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Monday, 8 September 2008

Not being very up on all this blogging stuff....

ok, that worked but how do I get this signature on every post?!!! I have somehow managed to create it but now I am stuck! I should stick to baking cakes cos' I am good at that! But I adore being able to write on the computer in my own handwriting so wanting to have a signature is just irresistable to me! I'vemade it - it really IS easy girls, but how to whip it out time after time when it is not at tip of my mouse, is another matter all together! Ah well, as I am off on holiday tomorrow, I will sign out now with my sig. and say tat ta, and enjoy the sunny weather which is promised this week!! Think of me in soggy Dorset - or so it seems from the weather forecast!!! love,

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cajunangel said...

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