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Friday, 5 September 2008

Personal Shopper!!

I love it when Lindsey comes over -we usually get to shop for her new seasonal wardrobe and yesterday we hit Alkmaar full on!!! We started off with a gorgeous jacket from La Ligna, and a couple of colourful tops, moved onto Douglas for the make-up advice and new items, then to Ziengs for the boots and back to La Ligna for a skirt!!! All in all she did well and the clothes are fabulous!! The colours this autumn are wonderful and suit us both but I need to diet a bit more so that I can get into some of the nice tops etc I saw. So today, no shopping only walking and talking!!! We went to the first rehersal of a new choir last night as I have been missing mine for the last 2 years. When we got home I was browsing the local newspaper and noticed that a new choir was starting that evening in Enkhuizen and it was a pop choir called ....ENJOY!!!! Couldn't believe it!! I was in ENJOY in Zoetermeer for 6 years..was this an omen or what Ineke???!!!!! Anyway we toddled along and it was chaos! It got better but there was much muttering and opinions flying around about how and what and where was a conductor etc....at the break one of the people in the room suddenly told the leaders that she was a conductor and if there was sheet music for 4 part harmony by next week, she would lead us! The chap on the guitar turned out to be my sons English teacher........it got funnier and funnier! Lindsey sings alto so she was sat across the room from me, no Dutch, and only listening to all the heavy discussions going on around her and wondering what she had let herself in for!! We had a nice evening and it was super to be singing again. I am away next week so it will be interesting who turn up for another go, and who not. We had 5 men before the break and 3 afterwards adn one lady had gone too, so I think it is a question of being patient and seeing how it goes for a month before deciding yes or no. Funny how life takes these sudden twists, eh?... Got to go now - having Sara to take to school first thing this morning. My cold is also still getting worse so feeling a bit down this morning really.Hope all of you have a great day, Suzannex

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