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Friday, 21 September 2012

autumn equinox

is tomorrow. We are passing from summer to autumn and as I look outside it is obviously more the latter than the former!! Gone are the summer clothes - banished into storage for another year. I've worn my precious boots with tights and a skirt for the first time and am debating when it is ok to turn the heating on and have warmed towels when I shower each morning!!!! In my head I have decided on 1st October. Seems reasonable don't you think? Not too soon but a sensible date to increase our heating bill once again!! Last year we managed to only use four radiators throughout the whole house, all downstairs apart from in the 'wet room' ( well, there is a shower and a hand basin and not much more so I have opted for the posh term)!!! More layers is the answer, both in and on the bed!!
Barring a ridiculously cold winter we shall stick with the same plan this year.

So I am living with disappointment once again. I had yet another interview this week, and once again didn't get selected for the job. It's not doing my self confidence any good what so ever!! It does feel rather like banging my head against a brick wall, and to be honest, it is beginning to really hurt! I have resolved to have a day without tears today, but it is a struggle. I am thinking happy thoughts with all my might!!!

So, the greyness outside speaks volumes for the greyness in my mind. Lets leave it at that for today.
Sue xx

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Ineke said...

Hebben ze een reden gegeven waarom ze je niet aangenomen hebben? Dat horen ze te doen en anders kun je altijd nog contact erover opnemen.....
Wel jammer weer! Je had er zo op gehoopt!
Sterkte met het verwerken van de teleurstelling. Dat het zonnetje maar snel voor je gaat schijnen!