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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

a little bit of sunshine

Things have been rather difficult recently and although I won't go into any details, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been and are supporting me through this time. Couldn't do it without you!!!

I have cheered up a bit and have finally got some decent sleep in and some rest, and am just hanging on until the end of the month when I will see my daughter and family again.  I am busying myself with the odd cycle ride and the last of the summer sunshine - though it is cloudy and rainy today once again - and trying hard not to dwell too much on the things that are making me miserable and stressed.

Finka is looking better too which is a huge relief. She has been under the weather for about a month and at long last seems to be improving. Will is definitely a chef reincarnated as he has a passion for food of all kinds that I have never known in a cat before!!! I think he eats, sleeps and dreams about food and has his nose in everything we prepare given half a chance!! Soon they will be called Little and Large!!!

School has restarted today for Tim. He reluctantly went off this morning with his girlfriend and I wonder how it will have gone . . he is now in his third year of training and gets to focus more on a specialty - which he has always wanted to be chocolate-  so I am curious what delicious things he will make this year?? Lets hope he enjoys it more than he thinks.

Not much more to tell really.  I will try to be a better blogger once more and 'always look on the bright side of life' as the song goes!!!

Sue xx

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