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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Along the dijk in autumn.

Beautiful sky 

A little further round and into the wind!

Busy out there on the water!

Evidence that there is still work being done.

My solitary bike.

Harbour still busy in September.

Last weekend it was cooler weather but not that windy so I decided to get some fresh air and cycle up and down and around the lanes here. It was fine when I set out and not too busy or cold but once up on the dijk it quickly deteriorated and I got cold and miserable and suffered from the increasing head wind on the way back home. Once home I was shattered so did nothing more than lie on the settee, both cats settled on top of me, and we all had 40 winks!
This weekend no chance. Its colder, its windier, its unsettled and I have a nasty cold.
Sue xx


...Tabiboo... said...

It's turned noticeable colder here in the UK almost overnight.

Beautiful harbour pictures,

Nina x

ps. I love that end of Kent too.

Suzanne said...

just spent the week in cornwall which was amazing and we managed to dodge the showers too!!! A taste of home was just what the doctor ordered!!!