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Saturday, 23 June 2012


We are facing another wet and windy one, what else?! Today ought to be fine enough for some garden work but not for getting out the weedkiller stuff sadly. There needs to be a few dry days in a row for that to work and we are not expecting that are we now? A friend told me about another solution to the Round-Up one - thinking of giving it a go; anyone else used Schoonmaak Azijn for the garden weeds?!!
My Chilli plants are growing flower buds so I am hopeful of some Chillies before too much longer. They are perilously perched on top of my printer at the moment to keep them out of tiny teeth's way .. our cat loves chomping on the plants especially red ones. Where have I heard that before, mmmmmn, Xander also had a penchant for red tulips, and Finka for red roses . .must be a Siamese colour attraction thing I guess.
Trying to be quiet right now and not start up the washing machine as Tim worked through the night and is now sleeping. We are like passing ships at the moment in this household! School comes to an end  in another week or so and then he will begin with the next level in September  for another two years. We are so happy that he has decided to continue his learning; means more cakes and chocolate for us!! I am having three weeks of abstinence before going to visit my daughter because I KNOW we will eat too many delicious meals out and drink too many cocktails from her famous cabinet,  as we visit family and friends during the week. So best to abstain now really...............hard going.
Sue xx

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