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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Typically British

I love PIMMS. It says SUMMER even though it is pouring down with rain and everywhere is waterlogged! I had my first glass or two yesterday, oh yes! I've even found a shop that sells it here . . .just need to grow some mint in the garden and voila . . we are on our way!! Thanks Gloria for having got some in!!!
It is such a quinntissential English drink - second only in popularity to Tea apparently. Coffee comes in third, no panic please Mr. Mainwaring!!! I think I will drink it some more . . . .given half a chance. 

Enough of this day dreaming lassie! In a totally obscure moment this morning I happened upon a gentleman wearing a Scottish Kilt. He was charming. He is going to the Edinburgh Tattoo. He told me his history. I do so love a chance encounter such as this one!

I'm having some down times right now so finding something cheery to talk about or someone cheery to talk to is a bonus.  Sometimes it just feels as though I take one step forward and ten million back again, and I don't know how to cope as well as I do usually. I need to take my grumpiness out on a definite task, so I have earmarked tomorrow for one I really do need to return to. Unless the sun shines. Unless I can sit outside or ride my bike. Unless my book arrives. Unless. . . . . guess not having a crystal ball to gaze into at this point we will just have to wait and see!
Sue xx

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