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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stormy week

in more ways that one!! The weather has done its damage in the garden and our poor beautiful Clematis which is crying out for more support took the worst of the battering. I've been outside this morning cutting off the broken branches and tying in the rest . . . we need to get more support for her soon!
Yesterday it was incredibly windy but my day in Delft was actually quite dry and sunny most of the time.
It was not as nice a day out as I had hoped but then, it was what it was. Say no more.
I am just about all set for my week away next month, just sorting out the planning and making the last few arrangements with friends etc. I am worried however, that if we start enjoying the contents of Becci and Ric's new vintage Cocktail Cabinet that I might not see anyone at all - or everybody double!!!! Like your style you two!!

Well, the Football has started. Yesterday it was like a ghost town here with no sight nor sound of anyone from about 5.30pm. And when it was over the silence continued. What a shame for Holland! They played well but that net was just too small for that ball to fly in over the line. I was disappointed as it ought to have been  draw or even more for Holland; 28 attempts at goal is a lot to miss out on. We still have England to open their three matches on Monday against France. See whether we are any luckier or not, eh?

My crotchet blanket is growing steadily I'm delighted to say. I noticed that there is a sort of 'bring your knitting/crocheting along"happening here in a local store and I am tempted to go to it. Might learn more styles and techniques I'm thinking, which could prove useful when I try something else. I'll probably forget about it but at least my intention is good right now! I need more colors and more wool before I can go any further so that is the following step. I'm hoping to take half of it over next month Becs!

What else is new? Nothing much folks! Life trundles on a-pace and until next month without anything special happening at all. But in July . . . well, there are things percolating people!!!

Sue xx

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